Infographic showing some standout statistics from our 2023 sales data.

2023 Printshirts Sales Performance Data Infographic

As we stride into a new year, it’s only fitting to cast a retrospective gaze on the remarkable journey of The Printshirts Company in 2023. With creativity at its core and innovation driving the needle, our blossoming business has witnessed a surge in demand and a boom in the sector of printed products. Today, we delve into the data from the last 12 months, exploring the sales performance of our brand and how we plan to move forward. Join us as we analyse the triumphs, trends, and transformative moments that defined the past year for Printshirts, unravelling the fabric of success that threads through each carefully crafted design. Welcome to our comprehensive review of the 2023 Printshirts sales performance and find out where we fit in when it comes to the world of printed apparel.




In 2023 over 10,000 orders were received, produced and dispatched to the highest standard possible at the Printshirts HQ last year! This was over 100% more than 2022. Our aim in 2024 is to repeat this feat. Orders are what keep us running and creating excellent new printed products for you guys to enjoy, so thankyou for your support! If you want to view some of the latest additions to our store, then please click here.



The average value of an order made on our website last year was £14.11. This is evidence of our budget friendly approach to sales, and a business full of bargains is what we pride ourselves on. Keep an eye out in the new year for more cheap deals for you loyal customers to capitalise on!



We sold over half a thousand different T-shirts and Hoodie designs in the last 12 months. This is a huge milestone for us, as there was a time not long ago we were relying on less than 10 products to stay afloat. Thankyou for the continued interest and support, you are the reason we are still able to operate. As a business, we can promise that the new year will bring more feel good gifts and products for our customers to enjoy!



December was the most lucrative month here at the Printshirts Company. We made an educated guess that this was a result of people needing Christmas presents! As a collective we were thrilled to see you bought from our Christmas range. But as well as this, we have a whole host of t-shirts and hoodies available on our website. Many of these are directed towards specific occasions such as Birthdays, Valentines, St Patricks Day and more. Click the links to check out our ranges!



Less than 0.3% of orders in 2023 were refunded. This highlights the quality and reliability of our clothing. Also that our customers are nearly always happy with what they receive. All refunded orders in question were rectified. The customers was left equally as happy at the end of dealing with us. Evidence of this can be found on our google reviews. Please leave a review yourself if you found us pleasant to deal with!